Power Pair Testimonials

     Our best-selling duo, the Power Pair, featuring our Probiotic Power Serum and Biome Barrier Cream, is formulated with care to nurture and protect your child's delicate skin. The Probiotic Power Serum deeply hydrates and promotes a healthy microbiome, aiding rapid skin self-renewal through probiotics and essential actives. Following the serum application, the Biome Barrier Cream acts as a protective shield, locking in moisture and fortifying the skin's natural defenses. This powerfully crafted duo leaves your little one's skin fresh, soft, and radiant. It nurtures and safeguards their skin ecosystem, providing a complete solution for happy and healthy skin. The jaw-dropping transformation shown in our before-and-after pictures is impressive proof of the transformative benefits of the Power Pair!
"I just have to thank you for making such an incredible product. My little girl has terribly sensitive skin, and your product has worked wonders! These photos were taken five days apart."
- Lexi Hill


"I am so thankful, I was very hesitant to try just any product. But I'm so glad I tried these! The serum is a game changer for her."

- Stephanie Leigh 



"After only four days her skin is so much better. Thank you!!!!!"

- Marcus Johnson




"When I say I have tried it all, I meant I've tried So many products on my baby's face, and I haven't found anything that gave me the results that roe has, in such a short amount of time! This is her after two applications. Thank you for doing the research, putting in the dedication, and creating such an amazing product!"-

-Stephanie Noska



"Ok WOW!! I am so impressed with these products. I just had my third baby weeks ago and I am so sad I didn’t have these to use with my older two. My daughter has a really dry scalp, this first picture I took after her bath last week and her newborn skin was seriously peeling off which made her lose all her hair up top too. I put Aquaphor on her scalp to try and help with the dryness and I honestly think it made it worse. We got our roe order in yesterday and I used it all over her last night and into her scalp, then again today. LOOK AT THESE RESULTS!! I’m shook. And not sticky or greasy like everything else I’ve tried- which is a lot. These are amazing. Now for some bath time products? Thank you SO much!"

- Carla Wehner



"Hi!!!!! These products are AMAZING. Though the serum and cream were designed for babies, I saw the before and after pictures on Alexa’s Instagram and decided to give them a try for me, as an adult. I’ve suffered with dry hands for at least ten years, and they’d bleed, burn, etc. I’ve also tried Vanicream, Cerave, and everything in between, but NOTHING works like roe. My fam at Easter commented how my hands don’t look dry anymore. If anyone is asking for reviews for adults, I’ve been telling all of my friends and fam about it. Here are before and after pics."

- Callie Rezac



"After two days - thank you!"

Alex Morrow


"I would like to write a glowing review for your product, as I've had a horrible rash on my face due to the skin's moisture barrier being broken and, within 1 week of use of the Power Pair, my skin is WAY better and no longer inflamed!"

-Brianne Wiebe 

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