Gardening with your Kids

Gardening with your Kids

We all know gardening can be hard when managing your kids. That's why we want to give you some fun ideas to include them in your garden day. We recommend starting off small by purchasing some gardening tools that are safe for your children. Usually, you can find affordable sets on Amazon or your local grocery store! If you give your children a small garden box to take care of, it will give them a chance to discover how to take care of something. Give them simple, tedious tasks that take minimal effort for you. 


Ways to Utilize your Garden

  1. Make art with some of your trimmings from the garden
  2. Let them try to search for little bugs in the dirt and learn about them together
  3. Trim some flowers and flatten them in a frame
  4. Make salsa with some of your extra garden veggies
  5. Make a jam with some of your fruits
  6. Sketch a picture of your garden while sitting on one of your favorite outdoor blankets
  7. Have a little photoshoot with your kids playing in the garden
  8. Do a little treasure hunt and let them hunt for small trinkets in their garden
  9. Let them put some of their figurines in the garden to guard their plants
  10. Read a book about a garden. Our favorite is: Grow Happy by Jon Lasser, Sage Foster-Lasser, and Christopher Lyles
  11. After a long day of play, take a quick bath and finish off with your roe Wellness skincare routine!


Here are some simple tasks your littles could help you with: 

Raking the dirt.


Watering the plants with a watering can.


    Give them markers and show them where they go to label your garden. 


      Mark some weeds with a color pebble, so they know which ones to pick.


        Get an empty cardboard egg carton and let them plant a few seeds in each cavity of the carton.


             Garden kid-friendly plants like snap peas, sunflowers, squash, cherry tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots, lettuce, & zucchini.


        Enhance their garden into a fairy or dinosaur garden to let them play with their imagination.


        Let them paint some rocks that they can use as decoration for their garden.


        Make a time capsule to bury with them in your garden.


        Create a list of some new plants that you and your kids want to grow.


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