Picnic Must Haves

Picnic Must Haves


Picnics are a great way to bond with your family. The best part, is you can keep your kids preoccupied with preparing for the picnic beforehand. Here’s our favorite items to pack!


 An outdoor blanket, preferably your cutest one to take pictures with.   



 A backpack to stow your food and drink items for a hassle-free carry.     



Hand wipes (in case things get sticky).



 A small sound speaker (and a fun music playlist).



 An outdoor activity like spike ball, cornhole, twister, bubbles, bocci ball, a large parachute, a kite, crocket, sack race bags, outdoor tick tack toe, A football, a soccer ball, a volleyball, birdie, baseball and a mitt, throwing rings and a stake, a nature book, or even a good ole’ game of tag. 



Pack finger food so you don't have to stress about bringing utensils.



Bring your drinks in reusable water bottles.



Your favorite pair of sunglasses.

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 Last but not least, your roe SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen!


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