Preventing Sun Damage in Kids

Preventing Sun Damage in Kids

Children are more prone to excessive sun exposure in comparison to an adult. At young ages of development, your child's skin has ten times the sensitivity to anything that comes in contact with them. This is why it is imperative to be conscious of guarding them against the sun at an early age.¹

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What are the types of Sun Damage?

Actinic Keratosis, first and second-degree sunburns, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, pre-cancerous freckles, Melasma, Solar Lentigines, Actinic Cheilitis, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Bowen Disease, Basal Cell Carcinoma, Melanoma, Cataracts, Hypopigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, and Skin Cancer.²



Can Sun Damage be reversed?

Depending on the level of skin damage, you can rehabilitate the skin with topicals and Tretinoin. There is no evidence behind reversing skin damage with natural solubles. However, taking precautious measures is less costly in preventing the long-term effects of sun damage.³




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What is the best way to Treat Sunburns? 

Sunburns dehydrate your body internally and externally. The best way to decrease symptoms of sunburn is to drink plenty of water and soothe the skin with anti-inflammatory anesthetics. Plant-based serums and creams are the best topical solutions because they secure the skin with balanced moisture, all while rejuvenating the skin's barrier. Those who have sensitive skin, will especially benefit from plant derived skincare.⁴



Roe Wellness facilitates anti-inflammatory ingredients for those with sensitive skin types like mom and baby.  


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