Why is Newborn Skin Care so Important?

Why is Newborn Skin Care so Important?

The very outside layer of your skin, also known as the skin barrier, prevents irritants from penetrating to deep layers of your skin. This layer of your skin's scientific name is the acid mantle. The acid mantle develops as you age, and we aren't born with it.¹ Without a skin barrier, your newborn is more vulnerable to environmental irritants than you are. After birth until the age of two, a baby's skin cannot absorb a balanced amount of moisture for skin cells to function. Stem cells are frail for all humans until the age of two and renew themselves all of a person's life.² Using baby skincare products to foster the skin barrier's development is necessary. Try our Power Pair to keep baby's skin healthy and soft! 


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Though it might seem infrequent, you only need to bathe your child two to three times per week.

Repeatedly washing them strips away oils that protect the baby against infections. Fill your bathtub with 2 to 3 inches of warm (not hot) water and gently clean them with your favorite baby wash and a soft washcloth. Look for a gentle, chemical-free bath wash that won't strip delicate skin of naturally occurring oils that help keep it supple and healthy. About 5-10 minutes is long enough for a baby bath. This is especially important if your baby has dry or sensitive skin. We recommend choosing products formulated specifically for a baby's sensitive skin. Throughout the bath, pour a cupful of water over your baby, so they don't get cold.³

The weather significantly impacts babies' skin. Both cold and warm weather conspire to dry out your baby's skin, so take extra precautions when the temperatures dip.⁴ We suggest placing a humidifier in the baby's room during abrupt weather changes in the cooler months because the dry winter air can harm their skin. During the summer, you can expose your baby to direct sunlight when they are six months old, but be sure to apply SPF 30+ to all exposed skin areas and dress them in loose clothing and a hat to lower the risk of heat rash. Prepare your little one by wrapping them in layers in case of sudden weather changes.⁵



After moms discover they are pregnant, they gravitate to the clothing section.

Picking out cute baby clothes de-stresses mom and brings mounds of joy! When you start washing, find a detergent suitable for your newborn's skin. Check labels for the specific made-for-baby detergent, "free and clear" and fragrance-free. Babies are born with delicate skin and are more prone to react to chemicals found in several laundry detergent brands. We can't blame them, and there are a lot of stressful aspects of having a baby. Do your best to avoid washing your baby's clothing with the same detergent you use for your clothes if they are susceptible to skin irritation. 



Here at Roe Wellness, we wanted to create safe, effective products for moms and babies. We provide high-quality, clean, and luxurious products that parents can trust. We have made these products with gentle ingredients that you can feel confident about using! Spending money on products that aren't clean, safe, or effective for your baby's skin may result in the hassle of frequently dealing with skin irritation.

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